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In The Next 10 Minutes You Can Have Your Very Own Turn-Key Software Business With A Hot Product To Sell, A Sales Funnel, Videos, Branding And More….WITHOUT Having To Pay Expensive Developers & Designers

AnyOverlay Whitelabel is The Ultimate Toolkit for creating your own online business,
building your list & starting your sales machine


Discover The Turn-Key Whitelabel Bundle

ANYONE Can Use To Create Their Own Online Business

Perfect for:

  • Launching your own product
  • Building a list
  • Adding to a sales funnel
  • Getting an easy ROI



Martin Crumlish here and I’ve had a successful business selling software, apps and training for quite a few years now.


You may have heard of me or some of my products, maybe you’re one of my existing customers (a big thank you if you are!).


Today, I'm going to show you how to do what I do.


But first, a little story. 


About 10 years ago, economies all over the world tanked, including in my country.

In fact, we got hit pretty hard.


Banks got bailed out, the country was broke and everyone was feeling the pain.

Including me.


I had a reasonably well paying career in the military but as we get paid by the state, it was pay cut time.


In the space of a few months, pay cuts, extra levies, higher taxes and frozen promotion prospects all mounted up.

Quite quickly, I was reaching payday in the red.

This sounds like some cliched marketing intro but honestly, this is not...this is what happened and what led me to where I am now.


My bills were stacking up and my income was going down.


Despite having a secure job, it looked like there was gonna be a long long road before things got better.

I remember sitting looking at a paycheck thinking “after 6 years, why is my paycheck lower now than that 1st one I got?”.

That wasn't how things were meant to work.


I had to do something to make up the difference, and that’s what drove me online...back to my former career in web development.

Sure, I used to build websites….but that was back in 2005!

2005 is ancient history in online terms, I was worried about how much things changed.

But...I was determined, and I needed to do....something.

After a while, I did get back up to speed and made a few sites for people, but I knew this was not sustainable for one big reason.


It doesn't matter who you are, you only have 24 hours in a day. A time would come (quite quickly) where creating websites would fill every free hour I had, and there would be a maximum on what I could make.

I quickly came to realise, I needed to change my approach

What I needed to do, rather than the old “time for money” model, was build a business.

No more exchanging my precious time for money.
(only 24 hours in a day, remember?)

I knew the internet was the fastest growing, most exciting marketplace in history so I sat down with a sheet of paper and a pen, and got busy making my plan.


From now on, I wouldn’t spend my time doing “work”, I’d spend it educating myself and planning my next move.

Jump forward a little bit and I’d put my plan into action and successfully had my first product created, a Facebook app.


Without going into micro-details, I sold a few 1000 copies, made more money in a few days than I thought possible and I was up and running.

Things were completely turned around. I knew I had a solution to my problem & a new mindset. I have not looked back since (making the equivalent of a years salary in a few days was and still is mind-blowing).


And remember....I came to this from a totally unrelated career with zero experience. It's important not to forget that when you read further down this page.


(back in 2011 when I first got started)

Now back to you…..why am I telling you all this?

Well it’s simple.


The chances are, you are in a similar position to the one I was in.


You could be looking to get your own online business up and running to supplement a regular paycheck, or you may just want to quit the 9-5 and have the ability to work when and where you want.


Your own business, your own rules, your own boss.

So think back to my story.....


...someone in the military trying this part time
was able to make a success of it...

Someone who had not been near the internet properly in years was able to create and launch a software product from scratch...

...if I can do it, so can you!

And this is where my story takes you next:

...because I have done it already, and I have perfected a system for creating software with all the assets it needs to get it ready to sell, I added something to my business called whitelabel.


Whitelabel is where I sell you a “done for you” package of a software product, complete with installer, sales pages, emails, logos and more and you get to rebrand it and sell it as your own.


Basically, I have a ready to go “kit” that is the absolute fastest way for YOU to have a product ready to sell and be in a position to start creating the business you want.

The only alternative is to get ready for a long, hard slog like I had to.


The time, the expense, the programmers, web designers, testers….even the basic ideas: all that will have to be done by you if you want to go it alone.


The hard way & the long way, v's the easy way & the quick way.


For 99.9% of us, the decision here is easy...


...you want to work smarter, not harder and that is why my new AnyOverlay Whitelable is right for you.


You don’t need to go it alone, thanks to
my new whitelabel app: 


AnyOverlay is my new, groundbreaking Whitelabel app, that lets you and your customers create amazingly flexible overlays and popups that appear on any website, even sites you do not own.

These are hugely powerful for exit ups, adding review videos, optin forms, coupons, deals, contests....whatever you can think of. Add the powerful built-in designs and animations, and you have a powerhouse app on your hands.

This is an app people would buy from me as an end-user product so to get it as a full Whitelabel product with a full membership app, sales page, logos and more, is a no-brainer deal.

Our “done for you” package lets you create your very own self hosted, self branded custom version of this platform at an absolute bargain price.


Once you sign up for AnyOverlay, not only do you get a proven in-demand app, but you also remove practically all the risk.


Imagine if you are coming up with the software idea yourself…..you are about to risk a lot of time, money, effort and reputation to build something, and unless you are experienced at doing this, the odds are stacked against you.

With AnyOverlay whitelabel the odds
are now stacked in your favour.

The big risks are gone.


You know this is a solid app, you know it is a product people will want and you know there is no expensive programmer to higher or countless hours of project management to try to get it over the line.


Remember, what you are going to get today is a complete turn-key package with the app, membership platform built-in, sales page, logos and more.....but first, here's a little info on what the app itself does:

Check out all the amazing features we have packed into AnyOverlay:


Option to display a custom overlay over any website, including the ones you don't own


Pixel perfect overlay positioning anywhere on the screen


100% overlay customization from size through colors to text and backgrounds


100% custom front end text so it’s multilingual


Built in image library and manager available for backgrounds


46 different overlay animations available


Option to display the overlay as an exit popup


Custom “smart” URL’s available per campaign 


Custom script inclusion available (for retargeting or tracking)


Option to edit, clone and manage your campaigns from an easy to use dashboard


Easily access detailed statistics / campaign including a live map


Easily editable backend to customize colors, text and logo


Create almost infinite layouts with 100% width footer bars, headers, full height left/right sidebars, central overlays, exit popups and more all in 1 app.100% custom front end text so it’s multilingual

We don’t just sell you an app though, you get the entire package.


Every single thing that we can provide that will make it as easy as it possibly can be for you to have a sales funnel ready, is provided.


We are talking about sales page, logo, sales copy, swipe emails, installer, membership app…..we have not left anything out.

Consider the huge advantages in having all this done for you, plus the massive benefits it will give you in your business. Here is everything you get today in your whitelabel purchase:


AnyOverlay Whitelabel Software

You get the full, unreleased AnyOverlay Whitelabel software package. This powerful app will sell like crazy and your customers will love it!


AnyOverlay Installer

Any whitelabel software I make is super simple to set up. You just upload our installer file, complete a form and click next a few times then the whole thing is ready to go!


Maximum Control

You have a powerful superadmin account so you can manage users, secure signup links, all aspects of branding and colours and more. You can also run your own tracking campaigns.


Whitelabel Training

Full and detaled training on how to configure and set up the whole app, as well as a whitelabl written training manual that is unbranded to any app name, so you can use it to provide to your customers.


Membership System

No need to mess around trying to secure your app or set up a membership system. Everything is completely built into the app, making it easy to be up and running in minutes.


Email Swipe

To launch your new product, you need emails to send to your potential customers. Your purchase comes with a full set of ready to go emails. just add your product name and link, and you are all set.


Editable Sales Page

You get a slick, modern app style sales page to go with your new software. All you need to do is edit the product title and add your payment links.


3 Editable Logo Files

Contest Engine is the brand name I use, so you will want to use your own. With that in mind, we have a slick editable logo for you to edit and use.

And I know anyone who signs up can do this, get this all up and running and put it into play in their own business in no time.

Don't just take my word for it:


"Hold on a minute, Martin…

So, you’re saying that AnyOverlay Whitelabel is for EVERYONE?"


...it's ONLY for people who want a complete, ready-to-sell, app and marketing funnel and don't want to spend months paying expensive developers to create it.

If that's not you that's cool too....you don't need to take advantage of this, some people may want to build their own product from scratch and don't need the 'quickstart' our whitelabel products provide.


I know you wil have some questions and concerns, and some common ones we get are answered below:

Question 1: But what if I’m NOT technical and don't
know how to set anything up?

Answer: - I didn't start off technical either, and there is loads I am not good at right now....but that is the beauty of this whitelabel package....we have built it to be as non-technical as it possibly can be.


You get a full installer for the software and membership system, you simply upload it and enter a few fields of info and our installer handles it. Even if we release an update, you get a little button inside the app saying "update" and our system does the rest.

In the rare case where you might run into a problem, or have a tech issue.....just drop us a line and we will take care of it.


(There is NO EASIER way to have your own software ready to sell, it cannot be any easier than this and we are here to help).

Question 2: Ok, so I won't get stuck...
...but can I afford this?

Answer: We cover the price a little down the page but I'd rephrase this to "can you afford NOT to get this?".

Developing your own software would have 2 big costs - time and money.


Time is super valuable because you have a limited source of it - when it's gone, it's gone.

Money....you can always generate more money, and something like AnyOverlay Whitelabel gives you leverage to do that.


In this case it's a double win because the low cost price of the whitelabel deal is also saving you your mopst valuable resource, time.

It's a win-win deal.

Question 3: Ok, so set up will be as easy and it will be affordable...but then what?

Answer: Don't worry, we help you with this too.


Obviously, we can't do the actual selling for you....but we are including a complete training course (see below, previously sold for $297) and this will guide you through the whole process.


Not only can you immediately get started selling your own branded version of this app, you can also use it in your other sales and list building funnels.

Now that you know what this Whitelabel Deal can do for you, how easy it is to set up and how we will be here to help you, I wanted to make you a special offer so you get everything you need to get started...

Here's what you're going to get when you invest in AnyOverlay Whitelabel today:


1: AnyOverlay Setup Pack

Complete with Installation Wizard

worth $1,000*

* it would cost you a minimum of this price to have an installation and remote update system developed


You don’t have to worry about complex setup, hardcore tech skills or hiring a programmer

Our installation wizard does it for you!

Quite often, people are intimidated when trying to set something up for sale online, and we understand that. We have built our whitelabel app to get the tech stuff out of your way, and let you get right into where you need to be: marketing your new app and building your business!


AnyOverlay Whitelabel comes with our "tried and tested" installation and update system that we have perfected over many whitelabel apps. When we release an update, you simply click an "update" button and everything updates itself, nothing for you to do.



2: AnyOverlay Whitelabel App

Full cloud based overlay platform

worth $5,000*

* it would cost you a minimum of this price to have a commercial app developed properly, and months of time!


No need to worry about inventing a sellable app idea or find the talent, time and money to build it

We've done all the hard work for you!

When you sign up for AnyOverlay Whitelabel, you are a few minutes away from having an entire platform of your own, ready to sell access to or use to build up your email list, or even for offline clients....


....all with your own app name, brand and logo. You've seen all the app features above, and now you can see it is al wrapped up perfectly in one amazing system that does everything from run the users deal campaigns through to user management, membership levels, agency account system, full branding controls, remote login and more.

Check out a few screenshots from inside the app


Login Page


Dashboard Area


User Management


Create/Edit Deal Campaign


Training Section


Brand + App SettingsDashboard Area


3: Overlay System

Sell accounts, or have your own overlay campaigns

worth $997


Let users run individual deals and optionally set up a "storefront" to show any deals active in the platform

You can turn the app into a full Groupon style deals site, with loads of deals for visitors

With AnyOverlay Whitelabel, you have lots of different options on how to use this.

You can run campaigns for your own offers...

...sell accounts to customers

....sell accounts to clients and offline users

....set up an online overlay platform

....create a local deals site with popups and overlays on existing offers with a timer.


The options are endless. The resell power that whitelabel gives you also lets you use the app as a really powerful and unique service that you can offer to clients, all with your own branding and domain name.


4: Sales Page

Just add your logo and payment link

worth $1497


No need to hire expensive designers, sales
copywriters or web developers

Our sales page template is ready to go!

We provide you with a "done for you" sales page, ready to edit as much or as little as you like.

Normally you'd need the skills of 3 people to craft this - a copywriter, a designer to make the images and a web developer to turn the designers images into a working page.

Convervatively, that's going to cost you at $1497 and probably even more if you hire really good people. Basic copy would cost $750+, the designer would need $500 and that leaves $250-ish for a web developer to create the HTML.


And again, think of the time cost!

You'd have to go back and forth with revisions and wait for them all to create their own part of the page....a long process.

Our whitelabel deal gives you a practically "ready to go" sales page. Simply follow some basic steps to edit the app name, logo and your buy button and you are good to go! (it literally cannot get any easier than this...and check out our bonus for this further down the page)




5: Logo Bundle

3 Logo Source Files, Ready To Go

worth $497


Forget about having to hire logo designers, we give you 3 templates to choose from!

Each logo has a complete source file and is ready to be edited - we'll even do it for you!

If you've ever had a logo created before, you'll understand how difficult it can be to get your concept and ideas across to a designer and have them craft something truly perfect for your app.


Once again, it is going back to buring up your precious time.

That's why we have provided 5 logo templates, perfectly suited to this deals app and ready for you to add your own name.


They are very easy to edit but in the off-chance you are not able to edit the logo to use the name you want, we are offering to do it for you - at absolutely no cost to you!


Consider this an extra bonus to help you get up and running more quickly.



6: Email Swipes

"Ready to send" promo email kit

worth $197


You don't need to hire a write either, we have put together a set of email swipes that are perfect for AnyOverlay Whitelabel.

Simply edit to use your own app name and they are ready to go.

It can be pretty tricky to write promo emails about a product you have not been involved in from day one, so we decided to put together a swipe file of emails about our deals app that you can edit and use.

This is all about saving you time and getting you closer to having a marketable app ready to sell, and promotional emails is part of that.



7: Membership System

Manage all your users and customers

worth $297


No need to set up a complex product delivery or membership system, we've built one for you

It's fully integrated inside AnyOverlay Whitelabel so you get a powerful dashboard to handle everything.

For online software, people need a username and password to securely log in and use the product. They need somewhere to manage their profile, create their campaigns and everything else.

I've seen other products, sold as whitelabel, that leave this huge function in your hands - you'd need to work it out and solve it yourself!

We don't do that, everything in this whitelabel deal is about making it as "turn-key" as possible for you. That's why our advanced membership, signup and login system is at the core of the AnyOverlay app....you have full control to manage all your users, sign them up, create accounts and more.




So, now you see the massive value of what you are getting and how it is going to set you up to be as ready-to-market as it possibly can be.

At a conservative estimate, creating everything we give you in this whitelabel deal would cost $10,000...


...and that is not putting a price on the huge risk that you are wasting your time on an app nobody wants, risking your budget with a scamming outsourcer (it happens!) or using programmers that might do anything from code a terrible, inferior product through to vanishing without finishing it.

(all of the above have happened to me by the way!)


We are proving all of this so you don't have to worry about it.

You can see that this is a no-brainer deal with unrivalled value that is going to save you so much time, effort and money....but I'm not stopping here!

We are adding some CRAZY bonuses to reward action takers and make this the best deal possible


Bonus 1: We install the app

Put your feet up and relax while we install the app for you

worth $97


Although we have made the app really easy to install with our installation wizard, we are going the extra mile for your convenience

Simply give us a few quick details and let us take care of the installation for you

If you've purchased previous whitelabel apps of mine, you'll know our installation service is usually a paid option after purchase....

....it will be again, but not if you are one of the first buyers of the AnyOverlay Whitelabel deal. If you act fast and purchase right now, we will do the installation for you.


Put your feet up and relax, we've got this!



Bonus 2: customise the sales page

No need to edit the sales page, we will do it for you

worth $297


Our sales page is as "ready to go" as it can be, but we are going to go one step further

You'll need to add your logo, app name, buy button and contact info to your sales page....we'll handle it!

The sales page you get with AnyOverlay Whitelabel has all the copy, the content, the images, mobile responsiveness....everything you need....


....but there are a few small steps you need to do to get it fully ready. These aren't difficult and our manual shows you how, but for early buyers we are going to handle this for you too.


Nothing to upload, no need to worry about FTP and all that - just tell us and we'll handle it.



Bonus 3: customise logo

Let us edit your logo to your new app name

worth $97


We give you full logo source files in dark and light versions for all 5 logos we provide

But, editing these can be a little time consuming for some people...so we are going to do this too

Simply let us know the brand name or domain you want to use in your logo and the logo template you want to use, and we will do the rest.


Nothing to edit, no struggling trying to export images or create them in the right size, our design team will handle it.



Bonus 4: Facebook Ad

We'll create your ad so you can advertise the app

worth $197


By far the quickest and easiest way to get traffic to an offer right now is with Facebook Ads

We'll create a beautiful FB ad image with your branding, tailored to this deals app

This is yet another thing you'd need to do yourself if we weren't providing it for you here now as a bonus.

I said it before and I'll say it again, we want to make this as easy as possible for you.


Even one of these bonuses alone would cost more than what we are selling this deal for. It's literally the best deal I have ever offered for one of my Whitelabel Apps.



Bonus 5: Training Course

Learn to sell your app with Whitelabel Academy

worth $297


When you sign up, you'll have the app, the sales page, the membership tools, the graphics....

Now we are giving you our $297 Whitelabel Academy course so you will know what to do next

Whitelabel Academy is our $297 course we usually sell via webinar to our whitelabel buyers, but I've decided to give it as a bonus for our fast-action buyers on AnyOverlay Whitelabel. The course includes 8 modules covering everything you need to know:

Module 1: The Whitelabel ROI Machine

In this module we will break down the whole whitelabel concept for you, and explain how it can be the biggest return on investment you will see.


Module 2: How to sell what you buy

Buying the right Whitelabel apps is only the beginning. You need to know how to put it to work, and actually sell your newly acquired apps.


Module 3: Agency Central, 1-Stop Shop

Don't neglect client work and offline deals, Whitelabel apps give you a huge opportunity to completely dominate any market you choose to.


Module 4: "Can't Lose" Buzz Generator

For any product launch, sale or event you need to generate excitement and buzz. Otherwise, you get lost in the noise. Our "Can't Lose" buzz generation method gives you twice the benefits with half the work.


Module 5: Whitelabel List Siphon Method

Selling is only one aspect of your marketing process. List building is another, and it is vital to your success selling Whitelabel.


Module 6: Pricing your deal

You have your app, it's rebranded and ready to sell...but how much do you charge?


Module 7: Delivering and the Over-delivery Matrix

How do you actually go about delivering the app you sell correctly, professionally and in a way that will eliminate refunds? This is how.


Module 8: Post-sale Essentials

You've set up your product, you've got the sale, you've done the hard work.....DON'T screw it up now! You need to do all of this after the sale, or your business will crumble (or at the very least, leak money all over the place).


It's worth buying AnyOverlay Whitelabel for this course alone! Remember, this course sells for $297 so to get this as a bonus, and for it to be completely aligned with what you will be doing with AnyOverlay Whitelabel, makes this the perfect bonus.


All of these bonuses are available to the fast-action takers who buy before this deal expires.

Getting the AnyOverlay Whitelabel package at the price I am about to show you is a no-brainer, and these bonuses take it to a whole other level.


Let's be honest here....some people would say I am crazy to even offer this as whitelabel...

Maybe I am!

I do know that I could just not release this whitelabel and run a normal launch of the app, aiming to sell a few 1000 copies like I've done countless times before.


Why not do it again this time?

Well, the reality is....I have too many apps, too few hours in the day and 2 young kids at home....I don't have the same time I used to to run a full-on launch for every piece of software we create. Launches are hard work, they take long long hours, and the prep that goes in beforehand is huge.

My limited time is your gain however - this app is too good to not release, so this whitelabel deal is the absolute best way to do that.


I get to release it and my customers get a massive leg-up when it comes to their business. It's a win win, for both me and you.


Put simply, you sign up now for AnyOverlay Whitelabel with the bonuses above and you are as good to go as it is possible to be. For new marketers, experienced marketers and everyone in between....are you ready to take advantage?

Remember the result Joshua had wiht one of my whitelabel apps:


AnyOverlay Whitelabel gives you the very same opportunity - don't let it pass you by!

For a very limited time, you can sign up for AnyOverlay Whitelabel and get access to everything listed above for a special discount price of just $197, limited to the first 100 buyers ONLY.


This really is a limited sale at this price.


Only 100 people are going to get this at $197 and with all of the "done for you" bonuses included.

I'm confident this is the absolute best deal you will see today. We've added everything we can to make this easy for you and the 100 $197 slots with bonuses could sell out at any time.

I'll be 100% honest with you - I've sold many whitelabel apps before and they were often in the $297-$497 price range.....without fail, every single one sells out and many of them sell out of the discounted price in the 1st day.


The time to sign up for this is right now because if you don't and the deal has ended, it will be too late. 


To make your decision to sign up today as easy as possible, and give you the ultimate peace of mind, I am giving you my BEST guarantee ever (I am THAT confident you will LOVE this deal!)

You now get my 30-day "steal my product" quibble free Money Back Guarantee


Normally we are not able to offer such a guarantee for whitelabel beause we provide the source code etc. but this time I've decided to go all-in, we are that confident you will love this app....and even if you don't and do decide to cancel and refund, I will let you KEEP your purchase!


Yes, you read that correctly.....no matter what happens, after you click the buy button below and sign up, you get all the bonuses & everything in the AnyOverlay Whitelabel package - and if you are unhappy for any reason you get your money back and still keep everything. You just need to sign up now to make sure you can take advantage.

If you were on the fence at all, it's time to get off it and sign up now because I am 100% confident this whitelabel deal is going to sell out in record time.


I've never been able to offer so much product, such good bonuses and such a rock solid guarantee before....and everything sold out before without that, so this really is not the time to delay.

Here's a recap of everything you get, RISK FREE

AnyOverlay Whitelabel App


AnyOverlay Setup Pack


AnyOverlay Storefront Functions


Sales Page Template + Copy


5 Logo TemplatesCopy


Email Swipes


Membership App & System




+ Bonuses:

Installation Service


Sales Page Customisation


Logo Editing


Facebook Ad Creation


Whitelabel Academy Course






If you want to have your own ready to sell software app and create your own online business with no risk or any of the technical hassle involved, you need to click the button below to sign up now for just $197


Only 100 people are going to get access to this deal

If you’re on this page today it means you can still sign up at the deal price, but it is 100% going to sell out - it does every single time.

And just to be clear, this is NOT some marketing tactic. You truly will not be able to sign up at this price after all 100 are gone.

You may be looking at this deal right now and wondering if you can afford it or whether you should invest the money.

Well...that is only thinking about the cost of taking action....what about the cost of NOT taking action?

What is not taking action costing you on a monthly basis right now?

And not just in money....I'm talking about wasted time, added stress, lack of business growth.

On the flip side, taking action by signing up for AnyOverlay Whitelabel now is going to give you a huge opportunity to have an awesome app, set up for you, that you can use right away to make sales and build your list....and all that at a price some people sell end-user apps for.

There's not much else I can say about it except for: lock this in now, we will make 100% sure you will not regret it and our guarantee backs that up.

Martin Crumlish

P.S. I know you may have bought software before from others that did not work, or maybe you tried to launch your own app or use software to build a list and it didn't produce the results you wanted....and that's ok.

I know only too well, there is a lot of sub-standard software, training and products out there. I've been burned and I am sure you have too. That's why I am giving you such a generous guarantee and putting a load of my team members at your disposal fulfilling these bonuses.

I'm so confident you will love this, I am actually giving you a bonus that costs me money. I have to pay them to work on these logos, sales pages and installations. I would not do that if I was in any doubt about how good a deal this is for you, with such a rock solid guarantee to back it up.

P.P.S. Still need more convincing that AnyOverlay Whitelabel is right for you?

Don't take my word for it, listen to what Miles Austin had to say:

Martin White Label


A: Yes, but not on other peoples servers.

A: Yes, you sell accounts for your installation of this app under your brand name, on your server, for $17+

A: No, you cannot give away the software, give away free accounts or use it as a bonus. 

A: Under no circumstances can you do this. The app is fully licensed via our licensing server so attempting anything like this will result in the app being deactivated and no refund will be given.

A: We don't think you will ever want one.....but yes :-)

A: No, you must choose your own name in the branding section of the app.

A: Not as a front-end product on a site like JVZoo etc until such time as I notify licensees by email. This is to ensure someone does not do a launch then devalue and ruin the marketability of the app for other whitelabel buyers. If in any doubt, contact me via support.

A: Not as a front-end product. Your admin area for the app has all the features you need to change the colour, name, signup links, logo etc. If you edit the source code, you do so at your own risk.

A: Only if the price is $17+ per month.

A: Yes, for you as our customer. You support your customers and then if they have an issue you are stuck with, you contact us.

A: No, it literally could not be any simpler. We have a full installation wizard and a "one click" remote update system when we release updates.

A: If you have any other pre-sales questions, contact us via support at http://support.appsformarketers.com


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